What are REVR and Ikigai Factory

REVR is a product developed by Ikigai Factory. The company was founded in February 2017 and based in the UK. Back in 2015, Kyaw, Sebastien, and Patrizia moved to China for 7 months and decided to book their flat through looking at photos while still in the UK. Once they got there they realized that the pictures did not reflect at all the actual state of the flat. Since then they felt that something should be done to improve viewing/selecting a place to live.

REVR was born from their experience.

REVR is a virtual reality solution that allows real estate agents to view, manage and share virtual property tours. REVR works on any device, the virtual tours can be shared via email, through social media or send directly to the customer’s phone and can be embedded on the company’s website. Our tours are VR ready and can be shown in a VR headset for in-agency viewing or for the customer to view from his sofa.  

Who are the Founders?

Sebastien Combret

CEO & Co-Founder

Sebastien is the co-founder and CEO of Ikigai Factory Ltd. He drives the company’s strategy, vision, and growth by using design thinking methods. He is an experienced UX/UI designer (Santander Bank), App designer (Shakeat), design consultant for SME in UK and China. Sebastien and Patrizia met while working in France, and they both met Kyaw while doing an MSc in International Innovation at Lancaster University (UK).

Patrizia Carbone

COO & Co-Founder

Patrizia is the co-founder and COO of Ikigai Factory Ltd. She oversees the daily business operations within the company and drives the international strategy of the company. She has a wide range of experiences as UX design consultant (Morecambe Bay Tourism Association), Design and business consultant (Lanhai, UK/China) and Marketing. She obtained an MBA from Bangor University (UK) and an MSc in International Innovation from Lancaster University.

Kyaw tun Sein

CTO & Co-Founder

Kyaw is the co-founder and CTO of Ikigai Factory Ltd. He is the technical guru, he is an experienced manufacturing engineer (Croft Filters, UK/China), maker in residence a FabLab (UK) and he has a passion for software development. He oversees the development of REVR engineering. He earned a degree in Mechanical engineering (Glasgow University) and an MSc in International Innovation (Engineering) from Lancaster University.

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